Joining Round websized 72

More Knitting, Romance, and Dangerous Men

When Felicity Chen’s thriving craft store burns to the ground, she swallows her pride and accepts the grudging hospitality of her extended clan. Any roof is better than none, even if it comes with far too many strings attached.

After three months of loving suffocation in the bosom of family, Felicity is ready to jump at any excuse to escape.  Her chance arrives in the form of strangers who bring unexpected news.

Felicity spent her summer in the arms of a mysterious stranger who left without warning. Now he’s back from limbo and in need of cheering up, according to his odd but intriguing friends.

They beg for Felicity’s help, and when they throw in an offer of sanctuary she leaps without looking back. The impulsive decision has long-reaching consequences.  Winter’s cold reunion makes Felicity question everything she thought she knew about her summer lover.

The future will bring technological revolutions and political upheaval, but some things are timeless. Lovers meet and part, lives change, and nothing ever goes as planned.

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