Alison Gregorio

Office manager, rules wrangler, and general all-around organizer. Gets things done. 

Alison appears in the novels Controlled Descent and Flight Plan. Honorable mention in Joining In the Round.

From Controlled Descent:
Alison stared at the cracks in her plaster ceiling and made plans.  She should also join a ride-share. The midnight bus ride had exceeded her tolerance for creepiness. An automobile would take a year of saving even on her new salary. First she would have to qualify for a license. She would do it. There was no point in dreaming if she didn’t dream big.

From Flight Plan:
Alison set a mug of coffee, two glasses, and a bottle of Irish whiskey on the coffee table.  “I always forget how big you are,” she said to Carl. “Make room for me, please.”
Carl looked at the neighboring loveseat. Alison looked at him. He made room on the couch.
Alison sat down so close that she bumped his elbow when she poured the whiskey. She  put her fuzzy socks on the table when she sat back. Her steady presence was an encompassing comfort, and Carl sighed as tight muscles slowly, finally began to loosen.
Alison wiggled her toes. “There, now. That’s better.”

Art by Andrew Kwan
Background: Impoverished upbringing, artistic education, and highly varied work experience.
Personality: Ambitious, believes that excellence and hard work are their own rewards. Intelligent and inquisitive, intolerant of laziness, but patient with anyone willing to listen.

And anotherpic, because Alison rocks & rolls. FCHAlison1