Stories of the Restoration

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The cover for Controlled Descent, two figures slogging across a snowfield or glacier towards a futuristic city skyline under a clear blue sky with a contrail cutting across it.

Controlled Descent 
When Alison Gregorio lands a cushy administrative job in a law office, she knows her big paycheck comes with strings attached. She expects long hours and unreasonable demands. She doesn’t expect to be dodging assassins before she gets her first raise–but that’s exactly what happens. She survives by the skin of her teeth and runs for her life.

Survival is one of inventor Justin Wyatt’s many talents, but staying alive is only the first challenge he faces after sabotage leaves him stranded in a frozen wasteland. The bigger problem: identifying which of his enemies to blame. The list of people who want to kill him is a long one, and the one person who holds the key to the mystery doesn’t even know he is still alive. Once fate brings Alison to Justin’s doorstep, there’s no turning back. Either they unravel the tangle of corporate conspiracies and personal vendettas that brought them together, or their common foe will destroy them both.

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the cover for Flight Plan, with a SanFrancisco skyline silhouetted against a fiery-red sky with black water in the foreground behind the title and smoke rising up behind the series logo.

Flight Plan
When terrorists fire-bomb Naomi Kwan’s San Francisco apartment block, her criminal record makes her a target for corrupt officials eager to shelter the true culprits. Innocence is no protection. After all,  dead scapegoats tell no tales. She flees her powerful enemies before they can silence her, but she can’t stay hidden forever. As conspiracies unravel on all sides, her fate rests in the hands of allies she doesn’t even know she has.

Naomi only knows freelance investigators Carl Jenson and Eddie Parker as patients and acquaintances, but they view her as a friend–and it’s their case that put her in danger.  To fix a mess this big, they  need the kind of creative assistance only a retired ally can provide.  Inventor Justin Wyatt is in no shape to go adventuring, but when the men who once saved his life need help, he joins their mission without a second thought.

A daring escape and a desperate rescue are only the beginning. Mysteries in Naomi’s past collide with Justin’s secrets, and unraveling the plots that tie them together leads to explosive consequences.

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The cover for Novices, with the silhouetted figures of two boys gazing across a farm field at sunrise toward a ruined city skyline.

Novices: A Restoration prequel story
The moment recruiter Joe Mitani meets Carl Jenson, he knows he’s found something special.Finding suitable trainees for internships at the bleeding edge of mental health care is no easy task. Few of the teens Joe interviews have the rare blend of brains and heart needed for the job. Even fewer come to the bargaining table with a psychically-gifted foster brother.

Carl shows up with both. Joe takes the package deal. Landing a prospect like Carl is worth the expense of adding his unexpected sibling to the roster. Eddie Jenson is as talented as his brother, in his own way, and the Rydder Institute for Analytical Psychiatry specializes in developing exceptional talents. As far as Joe knows, there’s every reason for two boys with extraordinary potential to thrive there. It’s the secrets he doesn’t know that will put Carl, Eddie and countless others in peril before long.

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the cover for Weaving in the Ends, with two hands holding knitting needles and a square of blue knitting in the foreground beneath the title

Weaving In the Ends: Heroes Have Personal Lives Too
This book brings together two novellas that take Carl and Parker, two important characters from Controlled Descent & Flight Plan, on some post-work adventures with a yarn shop owner.

Knitting, romance, dangerous men, and a basket of kittens

Felicity Chen isn’t looking for love. Her thriving craft business in the heart of New San Francisco keeps her too busy for a personal life. When fate brings tall, blond, and mysterious Carl Jenson to the door of her shop, she jumps at the chance to have a little fun.

Carl gave up on love years ago. Spying for the government of the Restored United States isn’t a career that comes with a future. He’s is drifting along between jobs when his brother drags him to a yarn store on a personal mission. He only goes along as moral support, but when he catches the eye of the smart, savvy business owner, he’s happy to accept her offer of a summer fling.

They part without promises when Carl is recalled to duty, but a disaster in Felicity’s life brings them back together before the year is out. Can Felicity accept the challenge of weaving herself into Carl’s unconventional family, and more importantly, can she heal a heart unraveled by grief?

A tale of love, resilience, and the power of friendship set in a future where hope is a scarce commodity, Weaving In the Ends brings together two novellas originally written as standalone companions to the Restoration novels.

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