Notes from inside my head

  • Every so often I realize how many talented, generous, all-around awesome friends I have. It’s an astonishingly large number. Yes, including you. YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW.  Whenever I realize this, I think, “I should mention to my peeps how great I think they are.” And so I have. Go, you.


  • The latest in weird searches
    • melting point birds (It was a Welcome To Night Vale thing. I had to check.)
    • British movie feet
    • Miata glove box
    • gray mold jelly



  • Love is: Spouseman taking me to IKEA on a dreary Sunday, and not only encouraging & enabling the purchase of new blinds and plant light brackets, but also spotting a room divider and saying, “You should get this for hanging the scarf collection in your workroom. They would look great on it.”


  • Writing thing: I totally missed my self-set deadline for Ghost Town (to hit 70k words before 10/6) but I did hit 47k, and that required a serious uptick in hours spent in the writing seat.  Getting my faulty wrists and elbows to cooperate has been the biggest challenge lately, but goals are good. I’m going to aim at 70k before Election Day now. It’s a target.



  •  My workroom is so cozy now.  Yay for nesting projects. The rosemary and lemon verbena are already looking happy and greening up again too. (One of my timing challenges is remembering to bring them indoors with lights before the shortening days put them into dormancy. Success! It only took me ten years to get it right.


  • Writing thing 2: speaking of targets. I’m officially pushing the release for Sharp Edge of Yesterday to late winter. I still haven’t gotten the revisions back from an editor who is as busy with projects as I am.  Yes, I’m going to make the squeaky wheel noises soon, because August to October is…tardy….but I am not going to rush this baby. It’ll be done when it’s done. And I’ve set up all the *other* parts, so when the words are done, it’ll go right into production without delay. (It’s going to be great, people. REALLY GREAT. Worth the wait, I swear.)


  • Yes, I am putting seasonal cat photos at the tops of my posts. CATS RULE THE INTERNET. Also, it gives me a valid reason to look at adorable animal pics. Like I need an excuse.  I will use dog pics too. Because doggos are the doggiest.


  • I think that’s all the all there is for now.

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