Here is my interview with K. M. Herkes

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Long story slightly shorter, this generous blogger sends out comprehensive, thoughtful lists of q’s to authors. I completed most of my interview two years ago, right before a lot of things fell apart. But I never sent it. Because of falling-apart things.

So, finally, here’s the lovely interview we did.



Karen Morris Herkes  I write as K. M. Herkes mostly because it fits on the book covers better. Mostly.


Old enough to vote, not old enough to retire

Where are you from:

I was born in Illinois, spent my formative years in Southern California, and wandered Indiana for a couple of decades before moving back to Not-In-Chicago Illinois.

A little about your self i.e. your education Family life etc.

I’m a salesman’s daughter and teacher’s child. Two siblings, one older, one younger. I was the first child to drive a car and the last to buy a house. Married to a superhero who puts up with all my distractions and distracts me in all the best ways. Mother only to furbabies, and we’re currently a one-cat family.

I literally teethed on science fiction & fantasy; my dad’s copy of Cities in Flight has incriminating incisor marks in the…

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