Happy Dance of Accomplishment

Sharing to the Official Author blog since most of my summer plans involve authoring. I also need to add to:
June: Roll out the Flight Plan audiobook
July: Complete Powerhouse audio.
August: begin narrator negotiations for the Weaving In The Tails duology.

Sometimes I Do Other Things

For the record: I didn’t do a dance like the one in the featured image. Umbrellas and I have a complicated love-hate relationship. Mostly hate. But I digress. (Of course, I do.) The point is, I achieved a thing, so I’m celebrating.

Two weeks ago I posted a  to-do list comprising various and sundry doings I wished to accomplish before the end of the month.  It wasn’t a daunting list by most people’s standards, but to me it was a long tally sheet of terrifying tasks.

The end of the month has arrived, and much to the shock of everyone in my life, myself included, I completed all but two items on that Task List Of Terror and wrapped up a few extra activities as well. <pause for shocked silence and/or explosion of applause>

Make list for June was the last item on May’s list, so here it is. To spice things up, I’ve sketched in multi-step tasks spanning several months…

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