Agh! What Happened Last Week? 

Getting Inception-y, reblogging from my minor blog to my official one, but I’ve been crossing the life streams lately. This is all I gots.

Sometimes I Do Other Things

Good question. Answer: so many things I needed extra time to recover before tackling the task of communicating it all.

In addition to the usual television & movie watching and reading, in addition to caring for and worrying my head off about my convalescing spouse, I attended the Nebula Awards Conference and banquet held by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Wrters of America. It’s a club I am not yet eligible to join, but one which encourages non-members to attend seminars, learn tons of great things, and meet fabulous folk. If it’s held within driving distance of you–next year it’s in Pittsburgh–I strongly recommend it to anyone serious about making SFF storytelling a part of their professional life.

I’ll blog in specific on Storysculpting about many awesome writing ideas and SFF concepts I learned. Later. When my brain isn’t made of cell pudding. I’ll also gush about having lunch at…

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