Reading etc 18Jan-24Jan

I won’t cross-post my smaller ramblings to the official blog too often, but I can. If I think it’s relevant, then I will.

Sometimes I Do Other Things

Let me begin with a digression for once. (skip to the line for the actual lists)
I made the mistake of  asking myself, Why am I doing this?  I’m under no illusions about the objective value of this post series. I’m not offering brilliant insights, making particular suggestions, nor expecting validation.  So. Why?

Answer #1: If I’m going to call myself a professional word-crafter, (and I am)  I should treat my creative consumption seriously.  That means keeping records. I’m bad at recording my reading. My Goodreads account shows less than 30% of my fiction reading since college, and less of my non-fiction. Pathetic, huh? I don’t retain author names or titles well enough to recreate my past cozy mystery or romance reading, never mind the gluttonous research binges. Bottom line: I’m too lazy to wrestle with Goodreads data entry system.

Answer #2: It’s another piece of my usual conceited bullshit. Also true. I’m also bad at writing notes that fit into a…

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