01-11-2015  It’s the first day of the year by some reckonings. Festival of All Saints. El Dia De Los Muertos. All Hallow’s Day. That’s a lot of responsibility for one little day.

It’s the start of winter according to my own private calendar, the day when my internal engine gears down from squirrelly preparation for the sunless times to a slower, steadier pace. It’s my day to pause for breath and soak up as much light and cheer as I can before those dark days hit in earnest. I couldn’t ask for a better one than today.

All Hallow’s Eve passed in gloom, drear, and soggy rain, with icy wet winds heralding the deep cold we’ll feel in the months to come. The sky this morning is a rain-washed deep blue, sun-kissed, bright and clean. The leaves are off most of the trees, but the ones that remain are vivid with warm golds and reds, and the grass is vibrant lively green. Best of all, the air is warm enough to walk outside without layers or bundling.

I’m going to take this lovely gift of nature as a sign that the coming year will bring good things. I don’t believe in signs or portents, but I’ll take this one all the same.

Time: 9:45 AM
Tea: All India Blend
Steeping time: 10 min (oops)

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