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Welcome to my author website! You’re probably here for the books. Great! Here’s a quick rundown on both my series:

Rough Passages: Ongoing contemporary science fantasy. Moms who get superpowers at midlife & traumatized teenaged radicals make the military very nervous by saving the world.

Book 1
Book 0: a prequel novel told in 8 stories

Stories Of the Restoration:  Completed series. Cozy near-future SF thrillers. A genius billionaire philanthropist inventor whose life is destroyed by jealous competitors gathers a team of misfit specialists to help him bring down criminals the legal system can’t touch.

Book 1
Book 2
Standalone novellas
A prequel. Why not?

If I did this right, the cover pics are clickable links to The ‘Zon, because let’s face it, that’s the biggest market. You’ll find quick links to my pages at many non-Zon vendors, including & independent shops, at

I write about worlds that are only one or two flaps of a butterfly’s wing away from what we call reality, and while the twisty plots are full of action–things blow up, burn down, and dissolve into puddles of goo–the outcomes hinge on acts of compassion and cooperation

The characters you’ll meet in my stories know the cost of hope and the weight of despair. They find safety and shelter with one another, fitting together at their broken places to become stronger together. Their big victories grow from small acts of kindness and understanding.

Still here? Want to know more about ME? Awesome!

Nitty-gritty details about my professional background can be found on my official Author Bio page, just a click away on the menu. If we meet, you’ll find I am short, squeaky, and energetic, with a thirty-percent chance of loud. The rest of my physical attributes are subject to change without warning.

My personal emblem is a phoenix, symbolizing my periodic professional reinventions, and my motto is Spes Semper Vincit, which I choose to translate as Hope Over All or “Hope always wins in the end.”

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Finally, here is a picture of me. It isn’t current, but it was accurate when it was taken. The horse’s name is Sophie. She was feisty. We got along well.

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